Discover the optimal way to maintain your air fryer’s performance and hygiene. As a kitchen essential, air fryers offer a healthier alternative to traditional frying by utilising hot air. Ensure your air fryer’s longevity and cleanliness with our straightforward cleaning guide:

1. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines.

2. Let the air fryer cool down and unplug it for safety.

3. Remove and soak the basket and tray in warm, soapy water.

4. Gently scrub away residue with a non-abrasive sponge or brush, avoiding harsh abrasives for non-stick coatings.

5. Wipe down the interior with a damp cloth, using a water and vinegar mixture for stubborn stains. Clean the exterior with a damp cloth, avoiding harsh cleaners.

6. Be cautious around heating elements; use a soft cloth to remove residue.

7. Ensure all parts are thoroughly dry before reassembling or plugging in.

8. Practice regular maintenance by cleaning after each use and conducting a deep clean less frequently.

Additional air fryer cleaning tips

– Avoid metal utensils and abrasive cleaners.

– Check the manual for dishwasher-safe parts.

Keep your air fryer in top condition for years of delicious, healthy meals. For personalised advice or professional cleaning assistance for various appliances, including air fryers, reach out to us. We specialise in oven cleans across Liverpool and can ensure your appliances sparkle and function optimally. Contact us today to schedule an oven cleaning appointment.

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